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What is Chapter 7

A Chapter 7 liquidation proceeding is available to individuals, partnerships, and corporations. The debtor is allowed to keep exempt assets. Call us for more details about exempt assets.

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What is Chapter 11?

A Chapter 11 reorganization is available to individuals and businesses. Due to the higher court fees, reporting requirements and legal fees involved in a Chapter 11, it is seldom used by individuals.

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What is Chapter 13?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or "wage-earner reorganization" is available only to individuals with regular income. It requires that the debtor file a plan providing for payment to creditors over a period of up to five years.

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W. Chris McGough, Attorney at Law

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you probably have many questions and uncertainties. But you are not alone. We can help. We have the experience and commitment you need. Please contact us today!


Phone number:
(251) 478-1187

Toll Free:
(877) 478-1115

Fax number:
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W. Chris McGough,
Attorney at Law
 50 N. Florida Street
 Mobile, Alabama 36607 

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