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We provide debt relief services for individuals & businesses throughout the state of Alabama. Bankruptcy is a remedy provided by federal law that eliminates or reduces unmanageable debts. We will work for you to obtain the best results available under Alabama State law and the United States Bankruptcy Code. Our knowledge of bankruptcy law enables us to help people get a fresh start.

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Bankruptcy WORKS for most people.

But there's a catch... ...the legal system is a complex maze of laws, rules, and regulations.

The creditors have aggressive legal counsel to fight you. That's why you need to know the facts before its too late.

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Q: How do I determine if I should consider filing for bankruptcy?

A: Many people have and will continue to file for bankruptcy based upon corporate layoffs, downsizing and business failures. Although not inclusive, we have prepared some general guidelines that will help you determine if you should consider filing bankruptcy.

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Greene & Phillips,
              Attorneys at Law

Representing clients in bankruptcy and debtor-creditor matters, we strive to provide our clients with representation that caters to their individual needs. We carefully review each case in order to fully understand & assess the needs of our clients.

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