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Resolutions, LLC.
808 Downtowner Blvd
Mobile, Al 36609


A steady flow of cash from receivables is the life blood of any small business. When that flow of cash diminishes or slows, the entire business suffers. The ripple effect often can be felt from the business’ ownership to its employees and vendors. In-house receivables managers and outside collection agencies can do nothing more than send a series of increasingly threatening demand or collection letters to delinquent customers, and perhaps notify credit reporting agencies. Generally this will not convince an experienced deadbeat to pay up. Only a lawyer can commence a lawsuit to collect your debt. An experienced lawyer brings instant credibility to your claim.

The Law Office of Fran Smith has been working on behalf of creditors and small businesses for years. The firm has a strong reputation for getting proven results. From its offices in Mobile, Alabama, the practice successfully litigates debt collection matters throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Gulf Coast area. For its clients with collection matters outside the practice area, the firm maintains a growing network of like-minded, high quality collection attorneys across the United States. When the services of those attorneys are required, Mrs. Smith personally supervises their efforts in those other jurisdictions on behalf of her clients.
In consumer debt cases, the firm always acts in accordance with the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and any similar local laws.

“Tired of chasing your receivables? Let us bring them to you.”

Contact our office today to benefit from our high quality, professional representation, and the close, personal attention we give to every client. 

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