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Resolutions, LLC
808 Downtowner Blvd
Mobile, Al 36609



Resolutions, LLC is a collections law firm doing business in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

The most common mistake made by a business is to allow the staff, not fully trained in collection tactics , to handle problem receivables. Most office personnel simply don't have the correct tools to collect a debt with success.

With more than 10 years of experience in the legal and collection profession, our firm now provides a complete collection service with a legal approach from our law firm collection team

Our staff utilizes a one-on-one approach, with prompt follow up calls and letters, to collect maximum returns while maintaining each of our client's prestigious reputations.

As a legal firm, we understand the fundamentals of business law and corporations. Our staff consist of experienced collectors, each professionally trained in credit, skip tracing, asset tracking, lost debtor locating, and years of negotiation skills to get you paid.

Our firm will take your claim, large or small , right up to and including executions, seizures, and attachments.

Each account will go through a research claims process, increasing the likelihood of recovery. If a debtor has assets or is employed, we will know about it! Our office will aggressively pursue a judgment against the debtor, attach assets, bank account, forces sale of property, and garnish wages if necessary, to get you paid.

No recovery, no fee. (Excluding court filing fees)

The faster you place an account with our office, the greater the possibility of recovery.

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